Stress Relief with Reflexology


Stress relief allows your body to relax and recover, and reducing stress is reflexology’s prime benefit.


Research tells us that stress contributes up to 80% in the development of illness. Reflexology can bring stress relief and help you relax. This is a natural, drug-free option to improve a variety of health problems.


Reflexology benefits are accumulative. De-stressing for an hour once or twice a month has a huge impact on how you sleep, the way your muscles relax and blood vessels expand, so more oxygen and nutrients can get to your cells. And this improves the removal of toxins from your body…all activities that give you a healthy boost.


Clients often tell me after a session that they truly feel better. And I can see they have unwound from some of the stress they came with. Their shoulders have dropped, and they often are smiling and surprised that an hour of reflexology could make such a difference in the way they feel.


Reflexology can provide stress relief by gently allowing you to deeply relax your body and mind.


Relax with Reflexology at Home


You can also de-stress and relax at home using reflexology techniques. The reflex charts show you where to work for everything from a sore neck and stiff shoulders, to low back pain and brain fatigue. Nancie will gladly show you how to address insomnia, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, digestive problems, depression,

and much more.


Bill Flocco, author of Reflexology, my mentor, and owner of the American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles, has written a book about self-help reflexology. In it, he outlines reflexology’s many benefits and explains how to use reflexology to relax and take care of ourselves. Bill’s book is one of the best I’ve seen and I recommend it!  Reflexology, in the series Idiot’s Guides, by Bill Flocco.






I have been having reflexology from Nancie for 6 months now. Nancie is so skilled not only at the technical aspects of her work, but also in making her clients feel welcome and relaxed. She is passionate about what she does and is very customer service oriented. I always feel so relaxed for days after a treatment with her! She is a gifted practitioner and I can't recommend her highly enough. Furthermore, I have sent others to her with similar results.

Dr. Christie W, Naturopathic Physician




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