Bunion pain?  I’ve now learned there is more natural help for bunion pain than surgery: wearing Correct Toes and wider shoes. Several years ago I began working with Dr. Ray McClanahan of Northwest Foot and Ankle. Dr. Ray found that by naturally and gently shifting toes into their correct anatomical position, bunion pain stopped without surgery. I now fit clients with Correct Toes here in my office and also refer clients to Dr. Ray’s office for more difficult fittings. He has a team of naturopaths who understand foot pain and are committed to eliminating that pain without surgery.


My client with severe bunions had stopped playing golf. In fact, even walking made her miserable. Her weekends were spent recovering from sheer exhausting; she just hoped to recover enough energy to return to work on Mondays. Life had lost its pleasure. After we talked about using shoes that give her toes more space, she was fitted with Correct Toes and wore them. Today she is a different woman. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened. This year she bought a new set of clubs and she is back to enjoying golf.



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