Reflexology May Reduce Your Foot Pain

People often come to me because they have foot pain. After all, I work with feet. And when your feet hurt, the joy of living is greatly diminished. You don’t want to walk or play golf or dance. Going to work is about all you can manage. So whether it’s a bunion that aches or heel pain first thing in the morning, it is tough going. Foot pain is exhausting.


When you come for reflexology with foot pain, the first thing we do is check your shoes. Because foot pain frequently is caused by poorly fitting shoes. I had a client who came because he thought he had gout, a painful disease that usually affects the large toe. He was wearing a 10, medium shoe and I could see immediately his shoes were too small. So I worked on his toes and feet and got the circulation going again in his big toes. And I asked him to drive home in his stocking feet. That evening he went to the store and got shoes that fit…11.5, wide. The man had practically paralyzed himself with short shoes. He came once more for a reflexology session, but he actually cured himself with longer, wider shoes.


Do you have foot pain?  When you come for an appointment with foot issues, I ask you to bring your tennis shoes. Because when you get here, you’ll stand on your insoles and immediately see for yourself if your shoes are too narrow or too short. Those shoes with the mesh inserts on the side can fool you because they don’t seem to hurt, but if you can’t put your foot flat on the insole, there really is not enough room for your feet.


Heel Pain

Heel pain first thing in the morning?  That’s another issue that we can help correct with better fitting shoes. And foot exercises. And reflexology that increases circulation on the inside of your arch. I also earned my massage license specifically so I could massage tight calf muscles, which helps reduce the pain in your feet. It’s all connected.



Nancie helped to identify why I had such significant pain in my right arch/foot and suggested footwear that would be better. Within a week my foot pain diminished and everyday I’m feeling less pain and discomfort…her expertise has helped me walk without a limp and wake up without foot pain. I can’t wait to see her again.

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