Nancie Hines, Portland Reflexologist

Nancie Hines is one of three Nationally Certified reflexologists in Portland with over 600 hours of reflexology training from the Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center, and Bill Flocco's American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles.  She also earned a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Phillips Graduate School in CA and a BA from the University of Washington in Seattle.


Nancie discovered her passion for feet when she began working with seniors who had diabetes.  She was a sales rep for a company working with the Shoe Bill--a federal government program offering new shoes and inserts annually to those with Medicare and diabetes to cut down on the billions Medicare was spending for surgeries and amputation because of diabetes.

"When I took people's socks off and held their feet to do a visual observation, something happened deep inside me," she'll tell you. "I began connecting with people in a way that taught me about service at a profound level."


Nancie enrolled in reflexology school in Seattle where she was living.  Later she returned to Portland and opened her business, Portland Reflexology, in 2008.  In 2009 she passed the national reflexology board certification exam.  Her private practice continues to grow and she is a founding member of the Oregon Reflexology Network, a group for everyone interesting in expanding reflexology in Oregon and SW Washington.


In 2013 she became an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist, #18833.




Nancie, the Portland reflexologist, does EXCELLENT work in this field!  She knows how to treat the whole body through the massage and manipulation of my feet and I highly recommend her to anyone.  If you have any questions, or would like further information about Nancie at Portland Reflexology, please contact me.

Christine E, Portland




Nancie Hines, MA

OR LMT 18833

Oregon Reflexology Network
National Certified Reflexologist

(1 of 2 Nationally Certified in Portland)

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