What it Takes to Manage our Lives

May 9, 2017

What I’m re-discovering is the importance of reaching out to my friends. It’s something we women have been doing for centuries. Talking and relating to each other. Delighting in the joys and sharing the sorrows.  These friendships makes us human and able to cope. When we have friends to talk to about what matters most, we can be our authentic selves. 

Recently my dear girlfriends and I had a potluck with husbands in the middle of the week. The camaraderie lingered in my heart for days. And a male client shared that he meets with his group of men friends every Wednesday night.  
Love.  That’s what helps us manage our lives now. Because we can’t possibly eat, shop, work, exercise and volunteer our way through the changes we are seeing and feeling without it. We need the people we love as never before to talk with and hug. Physical and emotional touch makes a difference now. Take those you love seriously.  Let them know.  Across the street or across the country.  And let their love in as well.  We need it!
Thank you for coming for reflexology. I’m truly grateful to be part of your life. And I can see in your face after a session that reflexology is working.  You walk out of that session room relaxed and breathing more deeply.  Your shoulders have dropped, your face is slightly pink and you tell me this is exactly what you needed. 
What I hope you’ll do then is reach out and share your good energy with your family and friends. Keep this good energy going…it will come back to you.

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