What Do My Feet Say About Me?

August 10, 2010
My friend Mary handed me a New York Magazine photo of a man’s bare feet and said, “What can you tell me about this person?”  Actually we can tell a lot about a person by looking at his or her feet.   In fact, an internationally respected reflexologist, author and speaker, Chris Stormer wrote a book called, Language of the Feet-What the feet can reveal about health and wellbeing (ISBN 3-340-93959-1) which is a perfect place to start.

Chris Stormer says when standing our feet should be parallel and pointed directly ahead.  When you notice feet are turned-in, you might guess that person is shy, self-conscious or lacking in
confidence.   Chris writes that the degrees to which feet are turned-out indicates how far that person is temporarily off track or out of balance.  Extremely turned-out feet may mean that person is disciplined to follow orders or comply with instructions, such as ballet dancers’ feet.

As a reflexologist, I’m always interested in what the toes tell me. First as an over-all impression and then individually.   When I first look at the toes, I note the size and length and flexibility of the toes. According to Chris, well-spaced toes represent a personality that is open-minded and actively searching for universal truth.  Flexible toes reflect a secure, alert, think-for -themselves type of personality.  Rigid toes represent an unbending view and desire to dominate.  Chris teaches that toes all in a line represent solid, consistent thoughts while overlapping toes represent no space to think and lack of freedom to have one’s own thoughts.

The Big Toe, Chris calls the Thinking Toe.  When she sees a straight, upstanding, flexible big toe, she describes that personality as optimistic, independent and influential. 
The Second Toe, Chris names the Feeling Toe. This is the toe of self-esteem and how one feels about one’s self.  And our feelings are reflected in everything we think, feel and do. The longer the second toe, writes Chris, the greater our ability to guide and instill confidence in others. 
The Third Toe is called the Doing Toe.  A straight, upstanding, flexible third toe reflects an active, inventive capacity for tackling any task.  The longer the toe, the greater the energy and drive, she says..

The Four Toe is the Communicating Toe. Here a straight, upstanding, flexible fourth toe mirrors a naturally affectionate, accommodating, humble and compassionate personality. The nature length of the fourth toe indicates potential confidence to express ideas in relationships and communication.

The Baby Toe is the Mobile Toe.  Chris describes the upstanding little toe as a reflection of a personality that nurtures and cares for life.  This toe provides a solid foundation for progress, flexibility and independence. 
According to Chris Stormer, feet reveal how potentially destructive and restrictive thought patterns can be reversed advantageously through a change of mind. “ Reflexology, an ancient and natural form of healing,,” she writes,” helps release old disturbances and relieves mind, body and soul of burdens that otherwise hinder development.  Understanding the language of the feet expands the therapy to embrace all emotional aspects of dis-ease, keeping peace with the inner needs of modern men (and women).”

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