Walk or run barefoot a quarter of a mile at a time to start

July 6, 2010
If you’ve been walking or running in your cushy shoes with inserts and maybe even orthotics, here is sound advice from naturopathic podiatrist, Dr. Ray McClanahan, at Northwest Foot Clinic in NW Portland.  In an article he wrote for Walk About, walking and hiking for fitness.

“While research proves there are significant benefits to walking (or running) in a barefoot position, the change cannot be made overnight. The transition should be made slowly, allowing for the feet and legs to become stronger… Fortunately, you do not have to give up your shoes and go barefoot to derive the benefits of a “barefoot” foot position. Those benefits can be had if you can find a walking shoe that allows your feet to position themselves as if they were bare inside the shoes.   Dr. McClanahan is the owner of Northwest Foot and Ankle Clinic. He is passionate about preventive foot care for walkers, hikers, and runners. For more information, visit

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