Take Your Feet Street Rambling in Portland

July 20, 2010
View from Pittock Mansion
View from Pittock Mansion
We all agree that walking is more fun with a friend.  So look what I found…a group walk every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM, rain or shine.  It’s called Street Rambles,organized by  Mazamas –a hiking, walking, mountaineering club.
Grab your walking shoes…the more flat and down- to-earth the better for your feet and let’s go. Meet at the REI store (NW 14th and Johnson in the Pearl District) and for just $2, you’ll be led through Portland’s NW streets headed to maybe Washington Park, the Zoo, Pittock Mansion, Arboretum or Forest Park.
Are you a slow walker?  Leisurely, the group is called, and they do 5 to 5 and half miles in two hours.  For those of us who can do 6 miles in 2 hours with a little elevation, we’ll be in the Moderate Group.  And for the speedy walkers, let them join the Fast Group. All groups are scheduled back to REI by 8 PM.

The reason I suggest wearing a neutral, deconstructed, minimalist walking shoe is you'll find you'll use more feet and leg muscles and do your body good.  Our feet know how to carry us. And the less built-in, built-up support  in our shoes the better.  My training as a reflexologist has shown me that shoes with rounder toes, more flexible soles and deeper toe boxes give the feet more breathing room and you more natural balance. 

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