Reducing Stress is Reflexology's Prime Benefit

October 9, 2017

We are swimming in stress. In our homes, at our jobs, on the freeway, just listening to the radio, even NPR. And it seems to be getting worse. Research tells us that stress contributes up to 80% in the development of illness. So let me help you with stress reduction, which is the #1 benefit of reflexology. I’m grateful to see you, but I’m mostly grateful that you care enough about yourself to let down for an hour. 
Reflexology benefits are accumulative. An hour once or twice a month has a huge impact on how you sleep, the way your muscles relax and blood vessels expand, so more oxygen and nutrients can get to your cells. And this improves the removal of toxins from your body…all activities that give you a healthy boost.
This month the Portland Police Department asked me to speak at their national conference about Self-Care with Reflexology for case managers and others working with the DNA Rape Kit mandate.  Bill Flocco, author of Reflexology, my mentor and owner of the American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles, gave me permission to scan from his book. What a privilege. And what an opportunity for me to review the many benefits of reflexology and ways I can take care of myself, which I shared with both audiences that came to hear about self-care. Bill’s book is one of the best I’ve seen and I recommend it! I’ll put it out so you can see for yourself.  Reflexology, in the series Idiot’s Guides, by Bill Flocco.  At

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