May you find meaning in your life

October 3, 2021

Where has time gone?

It’s been 15 months since I reopened Portland Reflexology for you.

What a journey this has been for all of us.

Thank you for continuing to come or coming for the first time.


One of the highlights of this year was flying to San Francisco for a 4-hour visit with my 101-year-old former mother-in-law; we held hands and I watched her sleep. She told me she loved me. And I let her love in like never before. That love inspired me to return home and focus on what truly matters to me.  

What matters is that I get up every day and care about the people who come and call and text me… my family, friends, and you. It matters to me that I meet you at my front door, listen to your stories, rinse your feet with warm, soapy water, and bring you deep relaxation with reflexology and massage. You tell me it makes a difference in your body and well-being. And I can see that. This job is simple, yet all-consuming. Now I understand what I’m doing here: making a difference in people’s lives with reflexology.  

When you’re not here, I’m cleaning, feeding my hummingbirds, and walking Dakota.

I’ve updated my session room to accommodate the new air conditioner and changed my living room a bit to accommodate my new house plants, all six of them. Life is about simple joys now. Baking cookies for friends, reading books, looking for comedy on YouTube, and watching squirrels bury peanuts. By the time my day is done, it’s enough, these simple joys.
Last week a lovely 30-year-old came. She has been coming for many months now… sometimes for massage, sometimes for reflexology. She talked about how her career is changing and how hard it is to explain that to her family. As we walked to her car, she asked me if I’d be her grandma. ”Of course!” I said. She just needed someone to listen. What another unique opportunity to matter.
I wish you joy and love and unique opportunities that give your life meaning. Because you have done that for me. Thank you. 

Nancie Hines, MA, OR LMT 18833
ARCB-National Board Certified Reflexologist
One of three Nationally Certified Reflexologists in Portland


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Nancie Hines, MA

OR LMT 18833

Oregon Reflexology Network
National Certified Reflexologist

(1 of 2 Nationally Certified in Portland)

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