Love Letter to You

October 6, 2020

Love letter to You
In these last seven months, I’ve come to realize how important you are to me. I look at my calendar and think of you. In fact, it’s a little embarrassing that I care that your water line burst, your feet ache, your retirement party had no employees... that I care about your artwork, the changes in your MS, your mother in the nursing home, that your house sold, your jaw’s out of alignment because of stress, about your weight gain, your kidney operation, your children and husband home every day, about your isolation.

Everything about you matters to me.That’s one of the blessings of Covid-19. I’m no longer exhausted from running around doing heaven knows what these last 12 years in Portland. I’m now here… just plain here, and I have time to care about you and include you in my good thoughts. Thank you for sharing so much with me. It’s an honor and privilege to know you and provide reflexology, touch, and listening.

Photo Credit: Jessica Tamler, Forest Art, Scotland
Ouch: Moving into our closed-toed shoes
It’s Fall and we’re beginning to dig out our real shoes from the closet. Already I’m seeing more aching feet at my door. After all, we've been wearing our flip flops and going barefoot since we started working from home in March. And that’s a good thing. But let me remind you that your feet can change. They can get wider and longer. Here’s Dr. Ray McClanahan’s advice (and mine) for fitting shoes; Dr. Ray is the podiatrist and owner of Northwest Foot and Ankle in Portland to whom I might refer you.

Take out the shoe liner in each shoe and see if there is enough length and width for your feet: All your toes should fit on that shoe liner and the length should be a thumb-nail longer than your longest toe. If you have any questions, come see me with your bag of shoes and we’ll review them together. No charge.
What to do for overwhelm
This week a client asked me what I did to calm my mind. She described her thoughts to me as something I’ve personally experienced: monkey mind. You know the feeling. When you think about one thing from the past, which leads to another thought and another, and suddenly you’ve lost precious time jumping from one regret to another, only to then begin thinking about something in the future and start jumping from one “what if” to another.

I’ve found the only way out of those endless mazes is to take a deep breath and change my mind’s channel. To get back to the here and now I might hum a favorite hymn or touch the skin on my arm, or say “thank you” out loud for what I see in front of me. We each have to find our own way to change the channel to bring us back to the present moment which is the only one that counts.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
~ Nancie
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