January 2022 Flexibility Is The Name Of The Game These Days

February 17, 2023

Flexibility is the name of the game these days

If I’ve learned anything in these last 22 months, I’ve learned that I’m not in charge. You and I make an appointment for Tuesday at 1pm, but on Tuesday if you don’t feel good, you simply call and we reschedule. That’s been my policy since Covid started. And we understand.


Recently I learned this lesson again, just days before I was to board a plane to Inverness, Scotland to see my daughter, Jessica. She has been gone since before Covid started to earn her university art degree. I have missed her terribly. So, when I sold a painting in October I immediately booked a flight on Air France to see her. Even when Air France canceled my return flights, I immediately booked flights on British Air. Nothing was going to stop me from getting to Jessica.


Then, three days before my flight was to leave British Airways canceled my return flights home. I read that email and just sat here, numb. This time it felt like the Heavens had spoken. Now was not the time to visit. Jessica and I talked and cried. She went back to her artwork and I went back to doing reflexology. That very week five new people called for appointments.


We may be tired, frustrated, upset, impatient, angry, bored, restless, languishing, sad, and numb. But these feelings are not going to change anything. The only thing we can change is our attitude --- how respectful, kind, patient, grateful, thoughtful, polite, joyous, and forgiving we can be with each other. That’s why I love my business and seeing you at my door. That’s how we treat each other when you come for reflexology. I wish the rest of the world would operate this way. But I’m not in charge.


Nancie Hines, MA, OR LMT 18833

ARCB-National Board Certified Reflexologist

One of tree nationally certified reflexologists in Portland.





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Nancie Hines, MA

OR LMT 18833

Oregon Reflexology Network
National Certified Reflexologist

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