How Reflexology Can Help Ease Neuroma Pain

February 9, 2018

This winter three of my clients were diagnosed with a neuroma or a Morton’s Neuroma. So here I am, sharing what I’ve learned about neuromas from my podiatrist and mentor, Dr. Ray McClanahan, owner of Northwest Foot and Ankle: “If your feet feel better when you take those shoes off, that’s your biggest clue it’s your shoes causing the problem.”
Somehow your shoes have become too narrow. Perhaps it's because you’ve gone from summer sandals to winter enclosed shoes, sometimes you’ve bought a new pair of shoes that are the wrong size, and sometimes it’s because the shoes you have been wearing just don’t fit anymore and haven’t for awhile. Neuroma symptoms include a burning, stabbing or shooting pain in the ball of your foot or a tingling sensation between your toes.

How does reflexology help? Reflexing the ball of your foot and stretching out that aching spot with deep strokes into the aching areas, top and bottom, can bring relief. Clients often tell me their foot feels better after a session.

But unfortunately, if you wear those same tight shoes, the pain will return. So next time you come in, let’s talk about shoes and how to find the right style and fit for you. I’m happy to give you a list of shoes stores in Portland and shoe styles that help correct this problem naturally.
Here’s Dr. McClanahan’s short video about Neuromas: Click Here.

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