How are your feet today?

February 25, 2020

Did you know most people are wearing shoes that are too small and they don’t know it? Yes, their feet hurt, but they’ve been wearing the same size or same style for years, they tell me.

Here’s the deal. Feet change because our weight and activities change. Now you can see how your feet are fitting inside your shoes by taking out the shoe linings in your shoes.


Then stand on both linings and see for yourself. 


If your longest toe is at the end of the shoe lining, your shoes are too short. If your foot is hanging over the shoe lining, your shoes are too narrow.  

You should have a thumb's width between your longest toe and the end of the lining.


If you have questions about
your foot pain, let’s look at how your shoes fit.

Life’s too short for tight shoes.




Yes, I’m still in business… for 12 years now

Yesterday a client came for reflexology who said she didn’t know I was still in business. Oh, dear people,
I am.

I’ve been practicing reflexology in Multnomah Village Monday through Saturday since January 2008.  (Okay, I took 8 weeks off when I broke my arm. Does that count?)

The confusion for this client was that she saw my paintings posted on my Facebook Portland Reflexology page and my personal page, and Instagram. So yes, I’m doing both businesses.  Because I’ve got good energy to do both these days.

Maybe I can’t reduce the stress in the world or in Washington, DC, but together we can help reduce the stress inside you so you can get up and do what you want to do.

Reflexology is gentle on your soul, subtle and powerful throughout your whole body. Just email me today and we’ll find the best time for you to take a break from all this craziness.




Nancie Hines, MA, OR LMT 18833
ARCB-National Board Certified Reflexologist
One of two Nationally Certified Reflexologists in Portland


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Nancie Hines, MA

OR LMT 18833

Oregon Reflexology Network
National Certified Reflexologist

(1 of 2 Nationally Certified in Portland)

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