Grab your shoes...let's go dancing

July 28, 2010
I’ve been out dancing in Portland lately.  Three different dance locations and three different dance styles to see why they call Portland the dancin’ town. (Check out this amazing website,   And it didn’t take long before I ended up at The Leotard on NE MLK Blvd for a pair of dancing shoes.  Because no matter what style you dance, you’ve got to have shoes that feel comfortable all night long.  Best part of the deal.  Not only does the staff help you find the perfect shoes, the store gives a 10% discount if you’re in a dancing class.
Jessy helped me find the perfect pair.  I told her my shoes kept falling off.  That’s when I discovered real dance shoes have little straps to keep them on!  I lost my shoes several times in my dance lesson at Contra Dancing at the Fullerton Community Center on Saturday night.  With all those circles and swings.  In fact, I was downright dizzy.  Then I learned the trick.  Focus on your partner’s eyes.  It’s a nice connection and it keeps you from getting sick to your stomach.  Contra dancing is easier to step into than Square Dancing and the regulars at Fullerton Community Center, just off Barbur Blvd in SW Portland, are friendly, even if you have two left feet.
Then there was the night I tried the Argentine Tango… with instructor Robert Hauk.  He is an elegant dancer who knows his Tango.  Robert teaches the tango with a close connection between partners.  So there I was pressed up against an unknown fellow in two and a half inch high heels that were killing my feet.  And I looked old fashion compared with those three inch strappy things the other women were dancing up close and backwards in.  I think that might have been my Last Tango in Portland.
If you love dancing in your cowboy boots, I would recommend Bushwackers in Tualatin.  This is a lively group that loves to dance in cowboy boots, tennis shoes, sandals…you name it.  They all seem to know each other as well as their left foot from their right. Which was where I ran into trouble.  Nothing like a room full of stompers all turning left when you’ve just turned right.  But again, there were kind folks who grabbed my shoulders and turned me in time to save my life. 
Now that I’ve got my dancing shoes, I’m heading for the Salsa Party at Portland Danceport in Sellwood  tomorrow night.  We reflexologists believe in taking our feet out for fun.  Hope you do the same.

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